Involuntary Annexations

Proposed Request:

The United City of Yorkville is contemplating the annexation of unincorporated territory less than 60-acres in area wholly surrounded by the United City of Yorkville's corporate boundaries.

Proposal Summary:

In accordance with Illinois State Statute and the recommendation of the recently adopted Comprehensive Plan Update 2016, the United City of Yorkville, is proposing the annexation of eleven (11) unincorporated planning areas consisting of nearly 100 parcels of agricultural, commercial, institutional, and residential land uses. Each planning area encompasses less than 60-acres and is completely surrounded by the United City of Yorkville's corporate boundaries. A detailed summary report of the identified planning areas, current land use and acreage, existing Kendall County zoning, Yorkville Comprehensive Plan future land use designation, availability of utilities, current estimated population or current net assessed valuation has been complied by city staff. Discussion of the annexation process and proposed actionable timeline has also been prepared for City Council consideration. 

2018 Involuntary Annexation Map (7-19-18)


Public Hearing:

The United City of Yorkville's City Council will conduct a public hearing on the contemplated annexation areas on a date yet to be determined during a regularly scheduled meeting at the United City of Yorkville, City Hall, located at 800 Game Farm Road, Yorkville, Illinois 60560. All interested parties are invited to attend the public hearing and will be given opportunity to be heard. Any written comments should be addressed to the United City of Yorkville Community Development Department, City Hall, 800 Game Farm Road, Yorkville, Illinois, and will be accepted up to five (5) days prior to the date of the public hearing.

Additional Information:

For further information contact Bart Olson, City Administrator at or 630-553-8537.