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Boy Scout Troop #40
Boy Scouting is available to boys ages 10 through 18. Scouting works to develop character, citizenship, and personal fitness. Email the organization for more information on Yorkville’s Boy Scout Troop #40.

Bristol Boy Scout Troop #34
This troop encompasses young men from Yorkville, Bristol, Oswego and the surrounding area. The troop is small, but the quest for adventure is large. The troop and its mission focuses on character development, citizenship training, and mental and physical fitness. Parents are encouraged to become adult volunteers to provide leadership to this troop that is scout-ran. Email the organization for more information.

Cub Scout Troop #350
This troop focuses on family involvement and a variety of outdoor activities. Yorkville area children who are interested in joining Troop #350 can email Christopher Larsen or call 630-551-3050.