Citizen Information & Transparency

  1. Elected Officials Contact Information

    Find contact information for the elected officials of Yorkville.

  2. Administrative Staff Contact Information

    Contact various administrative staff to get more information about the city government and transparency in general.

  3. Agendas, Packets & Minutes

    Locate searchable meeting agendas and minutes for boards, commissions, and committees.

  4. Budget, Finance & Taxes

    See figures and facts regarding the financial state of the city's budget, including taxes, audits and reports.

  5. Building Permits

    View past and current residential and commercial building permits issued by Yorkville.

  6. Contracts

    See contracts and agreements by the year in which they were made.

  7. Freedom of Information Act

    The City Clerk’s Office maintains the centralized records of the City, with the exception of Police records, which are maintained by the Police Department.

  8. Lobbying Information

    Yorkville currently does not employ any lobbyists or pay for any organizations to lobby on its behalf.

  9. Meeting Calendars

    Check out the meeting calendar for various groups and commissions.

  10. Official Candidate's Orientation Packet (PDF)

    For those interested in serving the public, this packet gives a great deal of information on what to expect and what elected officials should know.

  11. Salary & Benefits

    View past and current figures for employee salary and benefits.