Applications, Permits, & Forms

  1. Building & Zoning

    Utilize permits and applications that are required for local building and zoning projects.

  2. Clerk's Office Forms

    The United City of Yorkville has several required applications for business licenses within city limits.

  3. Community Development

    New developers and businesses will want to look at this list to make sure they account for all applications and information required by the city.

  4. Employment Application (PDF)

    Complete this application to be considered for employment with the City of Yorkville.

  5. Engineering Department

    These forms and applications are applicable to local utility services and public maintenance improvements.

  6. Finance Department

    These forms include important tax forms used by the city.

  7. Parks & Recreation

    Residents looking to camp or use park facilities for any reason will want to peruse these forms to make sure they've applied correctly for usage.

  8. Police Department

    View documents related to the police department, including Freedom of Information Act forms.

  9. Public Works

    Apply for snowbird utilities, sod watering, or direct debit payments for your utility bills.