Park Recycling Program

This year the United City of Yorkville was awarded $5,897 in grant funds from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to purchase 20 recycling containers for our City parks. According to the program's requirement, the City is responsible for $787.79. The total cost of the program is $6,684.79.

The new containers are to be used to recycle the following items:
  • Plastic bottles (water, soda, sports drinks, etc.)
  • Aluminum cans (soda, juice, etc.)
  • Glass bottles (soda, juice, etc.)
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Container Material
The round, 32-gallon containers are made from post-consumer plastic lumbers with each pound of lumber containing 8 to 10 recycled milk jugs. All of the containers have been installed and are clearly labeled for recycling. These containers are conveniently located adjacent to the existing trash receptacles in the following City parks:
  • Cannonball Ridge
  • Cobb
  • Emily Sleezer
  • Fox Hill East
  • Fox Hill West
  • Gilbert
  • Green's Filling Station
  • Heartland Circle
  • Hiding Spot
  • Kiwanis
  • Price
  • Purcell
  • Raintree Village A
  • Rice
  • Riemenschneider
  • Riverfront
  • Rotary
  • Stepping Stones
  • Sunflower
  • Van Emmon

Recycling Solution

The project is designed to accept recyclables from parks, ball fields, and playgrounds that currently do not have recycling collection. The City is required to collect the recyclables and report on the tonnage of materials diverted from the waste stream. It has been estimated that the new program will divert at least 6 tons of recyclable materials from our landfills annually. Previously, without designated recycling containers most trash went directly to a landfill. Now, a large amount of paper, aluminum, and plastics from water bottles and sports drinks can be separated from the waste stream and recycled.

Hometown Pride

The United City of Yorkville prides itself on small town charm, top-notch parks, great recreational facilities and hometown pride. We hope everyone will take a moment to help protect our precious resources by disposing of all trash and recyclables in the proper containers.

Please help us in our efforts to keep our City parks clean and green. Thank you!

This project has been funded in part by a recycling grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.