Trash & Recycling Services

  1. E-Waste Recycling

    Yorkville's Public Works facility periodically hosts e-recycling events.

  2. Hazardous Waste

    The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) provides programs around the state of Illinois to help citizens safely rid their homes of unwanted chemicals and items that could pose a threat to our landfills, homes or environment if disposed in an unsafe manner.

  3. Public Works Pickup Schedule

    Mark your calendars and be ready for the times of year when Public Works offers their services.

  4. Recycling Information

    As a part of their recycling program, Advanced Disposal provides residents within the United City of Yorkville city limits with carts and information to assist with their recycling efforts.

  5. Refuse Collection

    Find out the facts about the refuse collection services in the City.

  6. Tips for Living Green

    The United City of Yorkville provides this webpage for all residents who are interested in learning how they can take a few easy steps to a greener lifestyle.