1. Alerts

    Receive announcements of important information (e.g., warnings of natural disasters) sent to you via email or text message.

  2. Animal Control

    Find out what ordinances and rules the United City of Yorkville has regarding animals.

  3. Applications, Permits, & Forms

    Peruse a list of forms needed for various things in Yorkville, including building, employment, and volunteering.

  4. Building Permit Information

    If you are considering improvements to your home or property, you should know that virtually every enhancement requires a building permit.

  5. Driver's License Facilities

    Find a driver's license facility near you in order to update driver information or renew your license.

  6. Healthcare Facilities

    The United City of Yorkville is committed to providing quality healthcare for its residents.

  7. Kendall Area Transit (KAT)

    Kendall Area Transit services the public transportation needs of the greater Kendall County communities.

  8. Mailbox Installation

    The United City of Yorkville follows the guidelines set forth by the United State Postal Service regarding mailbox placement and standards.

  9. Parkway Tree Program

    The Parkway Tree Program is open to everyone in residential developments in the City and welcomes residents to plant trees in the parkway or yard in front of their yard.

  10. Senior Services & Programs

    The City has a strong partnership with Senior Services Associates, an organization that offers classes at the City's Beecher Center.

  11. Snow Removal

    During the winter months, the United City of Yorkville enforces a snow shoveling ordinance and parking prohibitions in the event of a snowfall.

  12. Trash & Recycling Services

    See what the United City of Yorkville offers in the way of garbage and recycling services.

  13. Utilities

    Find out more about utility services in Yorkville, including how to make online payments.

  14. Water & Wastewater

    Check out information relating to water services and conservation in the United City of Yorkville.